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Ride the famous A1A Coastal road in Florida with me, visit the countries first wildlife refugee and explore the most iconic beaches of the state. The Kickoff to my epic east coast road trip in Florida!
Starting a long journey is always the hardest part. The moment you take off, you have mastered your biggest challenge. And when I took off from Miami in Florida I felt the freedom, excitement and magic that each new journey comes with.

00:00 Intro Florida Road Trip
01:14 What happened so far – my USA cross country journey in 2021
02:00 Starting the new adventure in Miami and picking up my motorcycle
02:26 Registering a vehicle as a foreigner in the USA
04:39 My expectations for my road trip in Florida
05:46 Taking off from Miami!
08:47 A1A Scenic coastal byway in Florida
10:45 The Jungle Trail & Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge
12:56 Sebastian Island State Park and its fishing pier
15:03 Famous Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast of Florida
16:52 Finding a hotel at Daytona Beach


// Time of the journey: May-June 2022

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// Riding a Yamaha Ténéré 700. Bought the motorcycle myself in 2021 in Los Angeles

Watch the review of my european Yamaha Ténéré 700 here:

//Equipment & Gear:
– Touratech Companero Summer Jacket & Pants (given to me by Touratech after my old suit got stolen on the ship from westafrica)
– BMW GS Gloves (self bought)
– Alpinestar Toucan Boots (self bought)
– Klim Krios Pro Helmet (self bought)
– Leatt Neckbrace (given to me by Leatt as my self-bought neckbrace was still in Africa)
– Very old raingear

Watch the review for my helmets here:

//Filmed with:
Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 rIII
2 x Go Pro Hero 8
Iphone 12
Tripod: Manfrotto BeFree
Tripod Iphone: Joby GorillaPod
Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X

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  1. I could not miss this episode. I have lived on the Gulf side of FL for 39 years , Sarasota to be exact. And I have been pretty much everywhere in FL in those years. I have two grandchildren that was born in Daytona , they and their parents moved away from Daytona about 17 years ago , moved to Michigan and are very happy they did. Visiting FL and living in FL are two very different things. My daughter was raised in FL, she too does not live in FL , she and her husband lives in Virginia. I worked and retired here, and my aspiration was when I retired I would do the opposite of what most do , I would retire and move away from FL . 🤣😂 Not everyone in FL are on vacation , or out sight seeing and tourists have made FL a miserable state to live in. But the state survives on tourism . I agree St Augustine is a must see when coming to FL, it's history and a very unique historical town not often seen in the US. You missed absolutely nothing in Jacksonville , unless you want to see the Zoo, a few museums and the US Navy, it's a typical big city with high volumes of traffic bumper tp bumper. No fun, and that is typical of any big city in US but FL can have that kind of traffic in all towns if they are near water and touristy. I don't know if you have ridden along the coastal waters from Panhandle down to Tarpon Springs , that part of FL is still what I call old time FL , and deffinatly laid back and more what you would call common folks vs the East Coast wealth . Ceder Key is old time fishing town . It's a whole different atmosphere from the East Coast. And the reason most people will tell you to avoid riding in FL is because of the amount of traffic and accidents that happen , many just do not pay attention to those on motor bikes. I will be watching you travel up to Maine . I have driven to VA , flown to Maine but would love to do a road trip from Sarasota to Canada sometime too. Maybe I will learn of some cool locations . Safe travels and have fun 👍

  2. hello beautiful nice to greet you, I told you that if you go to South America, and if you want you can count on me for a trip, I'm in Uruguay now, I can leave you my phone…

  3. I was just at the Davis Service Center in Montrose, Colorado on Saturday. That same mechanic in your video did my maintenance check up. Hot and humid could describe the entire east coast.

    Nice video, Lea! Thanks!

  4. Your content is superb. From telling the story to soaring drone shots, choice of destinations and your impressions…what's not to like? Thanks for another excellent, excellent post. Cheers.

  5. @06:57 I lived off the Glades Road exit for 20 years. I wished I had caught the episode where you asked people where to go. I could have pointed you towards so many things. I drove the whole coastal road from Florida to Maine with my travel trailer in tow many years ago.

  6. Lea, excuse my, for reply so late, but you know i‘m on my Tour now. Today i entered Bordeaux. Yes, the First Day, the first Kilometers will be the hardest. This year the first KM was delayed of 24 Hours, because the battery died. But back to your Ride. Great footage. You‘ll be better and better. I‘m stunnig with every episode. And yes, i‘ll continue watching, maybe a little bit later because i have to explore the french atlantic coast within the next two weeks. Cu soon 😊

  7. Thank you for this trip and for taking us with you again. Many Thanks!! Vielen Dank für diese Reise und das Du uns wieder mitnimmst. Vielen Dank!!

  8. Awesome video! The views are amazing. I don't get why a lot of manufacturers don't use 90 degree valve stems for tires/wheels on street bikes, smh. The A1A looks awesome. Ride safe!!

  9. I'm so glad for you beeing back on the road, i enjoy your life style and i'm sure i will not be dissapointed. Take good care of yourself. Looking forward for the series Lea.

  10. Co Co beach. Enjoy my country and Florida. It happens to be booming popular more then ever. The governor proved natural immunity was good enough. And has been mostly open without excessive mandates. Sunshine and vit D didn't hurt.

  11. I just love to listen to you enjoying your travels while taking us along. Your accent gives your commentary something special. Thanks.

  12. well I cant say that east coast road trip is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about a US trip.. but that's what makes it super interesting to watch. keep the good videos rolling lea 🙂

  13. Just watched your first Epic East Coast video, on Florida. Its astonishing how much development has occurred over the last 19 years. Last time I was there was in 2003, it felt busy then. Really liked the footage of riding over the bridges. I can highly recommend the space centre next time you are in Florida. Safe travels and looking forward to watching this series. All the best Steve

  14. An epic roadtrip, starting with a grandios ouverture, composed by pictures and views like a well done sequence of bright sounding major chords. Makes hungry for more soulfood like this – may the next curtain fall 👏👏👏.

  15. Great first episode! I need to ride Florida – so much to see. I live off of US Hwy 1 in NC… I-95 is the worst! You are quite the story teller and cinematographer, Lea – can’t wait for the next episode 👍

  16. With your Oman series l became addicted to your channel .Now this USA series that is so exciting and beautiful .Thank you so much !

  17. Absolutely beautiful scenery, filming, drone footage and commentary! The east coast is very interesting! All the best! 🏍🌊🏄‍♀️🌴🤗

  18. Really beatiful trip and great Florida woooow 👀👍😎. Great video as allways, thank you and many greetings from Croatia 😃🖐 Ljubo 🏍

  19. Lived there for 3 years. One of the places I miss, could retire to and enjoy so much… thank you for capturing. @montysmotoadventures

  20. Lea, I have one question. Does your riding suit get hot? You are tropical Florida now and just wondering what happens when you stop. While riding you have a breeze. Looking forward to the trip.

  21. What a fantastic episode to watch. I wonder what fun things we will see again. You still fuel our desire to travel. Every time I feel like I'm watching a documentary that doesn't bore for a second. I'm glad you're back for the weekly appointment

  22. If i call our friends in Florida.. many things he less or maybe never knows because traveler's trying for gaining more and more knowledge about places.. this is called Lia ✨👍

  23. hallo guten morgen lea 😽 super wenn du lust hast die route zu machen meine tochter lebt in miami die anderen einen herzlichen gruß aus valencia 🙏 was hab ich zurück

  24. Difficult…should I watch this Season on the big screen without commenting? Or still using my tablet and keep on commenting? 😕

  25. hi again leah
    I would like to know what you think of the seat comfort level while using the Yamaha Teneri 700 on your current long-distance adventure? Thanks

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